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Bar Mitzvah Software 

Plan your Bar or Bat Mitzvah with ease!

Help ensure the success of your big event   

Use B'nai Mitzvah Magic software to save you time & reduce stress
Worried about keeping track of all of the details?
Use B'nai Mitzvah Magic to help manage the details and stay organized

Bat Mitzvah Software 

B'nai Mitzvah Magic Software

B'nai Mitzvah Magic software is specifically designed to help you manage all of the details of your Bat or Bar Mitzvah.  You will create a wonderful memory for your child by coordinating a successful weekend of activities for your family and friends.  No matter how small or big, formal or casual your plans are, B'nai Mitzvah Magic is the perfect product for you!   Although specifically designed to help you organize your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the software offers other general features that you will love.   After spending time entering your family and friends information, we wanted you to be able to continue to use the program for years to come.

  • Save time - don't waste your time on creating spreadsheets, tables or databases
  • Reduce stress by having all of the details organized
  • Know where you are spending your money
  • Make informed decisions
  • Get Organized!!


Now you can plan your event using B'nai Mitzvah Magic...and save time, reduce stress, and be more organized!  

B'nai Mitzvah Magic software allows you to easily track family and friends, businesses, events, finances, tasks and more.   The program is designed specifically to help you plan your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah, but has features that you can continue to use for years:  personal contact management,  other party/event management (showers, birthdays, etc), important reminders, and holiday card management. 
  • Manage personal contacts:  My Family, Family & Friends, and Businesses
  • Include Hebrew name
  • Manage events for B'nai Mitzvah:  Friday evening Shabat Service, Friday Oneg, Reception, Saturday morning Shabbat Service, Sunday Bruch, or Sunday Luncheon
  • Manage other events such as Anniversary party, shower, birthday party,  family reunion, graduation, wedding shower, etc.
  • Track Aliyot, Food volunteers, Roles/honors, Candle lighting Ceremony
  • Manage RSVPs and menu selections
  • Create table assignments and print place cards
  • Create and manage a budget for all events
  • Keep track of gifts received and thank you note status
  • Manage vendor estimates and details

Manage Contacts

Keep detailed records on everyone you know - phone number, address, email, web site, birthdates, anniversaries, children, notes, and more.   The contacts are broken out into two groups:  Family and Friends, and Business Contacts.  Using the Category field, you can group your contacts into your own customized categories:  family, neighbor, school, co-worker, etc.   Your business contacts can be credit card companies, vendors you use when planning your parties, your utility companies, the school, or any business that you deal with for any reason and want to have their contact information close at hand.  If an email or web site has been entered for a contact, with just one click you can send an email or visit their site.


The Tasks section of the software is used to help you create and view your to To Do lists.    Once you enter a date for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a to do list is automatically created for you with the appropriate due dates. 


Print phone lists, Avery labels, envelopes, and a variety of reports:  contacts reports, party reports, task lists, etc.   Using the Stationery section, you can also print party invitations, holiday cards, greeting cards, babysitter information form, important contacts form, place cards, and more! 



Any time a birthday, anniversary, party, or task is added to the software, it gets added to a reminder list.   The system automatically keeps up with upcoming items and reminds you on the Home page.   You can customize the criteria to determine how long before or after an item you want to be reminded.  The reminders are a very valuable feature in the software.   Not only will it tell you that Little Timmy's birthday is in 5 days, but it will also show you that he will be turning 5.   You can use the stationery screen to design and print your greeting cards and then use the Printing / Envelopes screen to print the envelopes (or labels) to send the cards.  There are greeting card templates available or your can design your own. 


Bar Mitzvah Planner

Bar Mitvah planner

Bar Mitzvah program

Bat Mitzvah software

Bar Mitzvah program

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