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personal contact software 

Get your life organized now!

Let What's Up? software help you keep track of dates, birthdays, and the people in your life.  

...and do amazing things like:

- Plan a birthday party they will never forget
- Send out holiday cards easily and quickly
- Never forget what you need to do next!   Priceless!

What's Up?
Personal Organizer Software
Keep your busy life organized...with What's Up? software.   Your personal contact management software that puts all of your information just a click away.

contact list software 

What's Up?

What's Up?TM  Personal Organizer (formerly called My Life!) is your personal contact management system.  The easy user interface lets you start building your contact list right away. With What's Up?, you can manage your contact list, keep a task list of things you have to do, plan parties, manage your holiday cards, and have reminders about upcoming events. 


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Save time - No need to waste time designing spreadsheets or databases

Remember important dates

Make informed decisions

Get organized!!

Manage Contacts

Keep detailed records on everyone you know - phone number, address, email, web site, birthdates, anniversaries, children, notes, and more.   The contacts are broken out into two groups:  Family and Friends, and Business Contacts.  Using the Category field, you can group your contacts into your own customized categories:  family, neighbor, school, co-worker, etc.   Your business contacts can be credit card companies, vendors you use when planning your parties, your utility companies, the school, or any business that you deal with for any reason and want to have their contact information close at hand.  If an email or web site has been entered for a contact, with just one click you can send an email or visit their site.

Plan Parties

Seems like no matter what stage of your life you are in, there will always be parties to plan:  wedding showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, family reunions, school reunions, retirement parties, etc.   What's Up? is the perfect tool to help you plan your parties.   The Party Management section includes party management, invitees, finances, RSVPs, gifts, and table assignments.  Simply start at the top by adding your party, and then continue down through each of the screens to manage information specific to that party.


The Tasks section of the software is used to help you create and view your to To Do lists.    It consists of two screens:   Checklists and Monthly Calendar.   Tasks can be assigned a Subject which is used to group, or categorize, your tasks.


Holiday Cards ~ Christmas Cards

The Holiday Cards screen allows you to manage any bulk mailings/cards you send out each year.   For example, if you send out a Christmas card, or other holiday card, each year, you would add an occasion for Christmas Card.  You can upload a picture of the card if you would like to remember which card you send each year.  You can keep track of who you sent cards to last year and who sent you a card.
to do list software

Other examples of occasions you might use this screen for would be graduation cards, school pictures, Valentine's Day cards, etc. - any time you would be sending out a lot of the same item (even if just one time), you can use this screen to manage it.   It never fails, as soon as you send out your cards, you get one from someone who you forgot to put on your list and you have to hurry up and send one out.   You can use the stationery screens to design and print your own holiday cards and then use the Printing / Envelopes screen to print the envelopes or labels. 
Import & Export Data

You can import from Microsoft Outlook contacts, or from any other program where you can export your list.  If you already have a list and don't want to have to waste time re-entering your contacts, simply export them from your current program and import them into What's Up?TM. The information from What's Up?TM can be exported into pdf, rtf, html, text, or Excel formats.   If you used any previous version of Wedding Magic, you can use our separate import utility to import your Wedding Magic data!

Print phone lists, Avery labels, envelopes, and a variety of reports:  contacts reports, party reports, task lists, etc.   Using the Stationery section, you can also print party invitations, holiday cards, greeting cards, babysitter information form, important contacts form, place cards, and more! 


Any time a birthday, anniversary, party, or task is added to the software, it gets added to a reminder list.   The system automatically keeps up with upcoming items and reminds you on the Home page.   You can customize the criteria to determine how long before or after an item you want to be reminded.  The reminders are a very valuable feature in the software.   Not only will it tell you that Little Timmy's birthday is in 5 days, but it will also show you that he will be turning 5.   You can use the stationery screen to design and print your greeting cards and then use the Printing / Envelopes screen to print the envelopes (or labels) to send the cards.  There are greeting card templates available or your can design your own. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!
We are so confident you will be satisfied with What's Up? that we offer the option to download and evaluate it before you purchase it.  Don't take our word for it...try it first and see what you think. 
**Are there other things you would like to manage with What's Up?   Let us know.   We are working on new features now and we would love to incorporate your ideas.   Send us an email and let us know of other fun things you would like to include in What's Up?


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